2001-03-16 :: 11:23:03 am

They've taken my sweet Soldier Boy away. Fuckers. His adorable scooterin' self is nowhere to be found and my smoke breaks are a lot less entertaining.

I have to start lighting fires under my ass with regards to my, uh, lack of motivation in the "career" department. I am pretty sure I want to edit... commercials, movies, whatever.

I am very sure I love computers and Photoshop and Illustrator and all the yummy delicious Mac shit.

I love to write, I think I'm pretty good at it, and I love the www so maybe there's something out there for me.

Movies, music, writing, digital media, my head is all swimmy with this stuff. This is what I'm passionate about.

Now how to go about making money doing it. The age-old fucking question, huh?

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