2001-03-16 :: 11:55:25 pm

I'm not going to freak out. No way.
That is not allowed to happen in any capacity at all whatsoever and I won't let it.

So he didn't call. He said he would and he hasn't and that is still okay. It's okay, really, because we're seeing each other tomorrow. And I know he's excited about that ... he could have been lying, but why bother. .. right? ... and there is absolutely nothing to be worried about or to aggravate the insomnia over ... no no no ... and it's not like he said all those beautiful things to me to get into my pants, because, well we all know he hasn't been in my pants since that first night two weeks ago, so he probably was just held up at practice, or he went somewhere with his friends ... and it's all okay, I am okay, I am a grown up and grown ups do not freak out about guys not calling them when they say they will.

It's just mildly irritating.

Like I do want to throw things.

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