05.22.06 :: 12:14 pm

what i loved about the weekend is as follows:

friday night cocktails at a relatively empty bar that on previous occasions was always jampacked with asshats.

dinner at a lovely little italian place where we crowded around a table and laughed and drank and ate

how i love this town sometimes. so much.

saturday ryan and i spent ample amounts of time in various stages of undress mixed with hours of movies and bad television.

it was perfect.

and sunday was reserved for appetizers and basketball, which reminded me to write the basketball league my father belonged to and have them, if they could, send me the european cup game of 1968. Assuming it's available, even.
What a great piece of history it would be. Actual footage of my dad doing ... SOMETHING, anything!

Wooha! I'm looking forward to this very short week.
Memorial Day is coming up. I'm so glad to see summer again.

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