05.18.06 :: 9:07 am

Second batch of invitations mailed to Greece and parts outside NYC. I'm feeling quite accomplished.
I also got a huge laugh out of typing out "Ms. Swanbenet Lastname & Guest" all formal on the invitation for that drunken whoreface and I'm almost, like, giddy with the Lord over the fact that she will show up to watch me get my stupid ass married.


OK, had to get that out there because sometimes it hits me out of nowhere and I have to grab the edge of something to stabilize myself.

I am so glad my Ruby Roo is back from Mehhhhico and that we are cavorting once again this weekend.

And in "kick my ass harder" news, my personal trainer did.
My arms today feel like they are yule logs on christmas morning. ON FIRE, in other words.
But I swear to GOD I'm seeing some kind of bicep muscle under there. I'm staring at it because it's been so long, I hardly recognize the thing.

I did 50 situps, and 25 pushups. Who am I?
And I lifted 12 pound barbells. More than once, even. While doing squats, even.

Also surprising is the fact that I can touch my nose to my knees. Which is so absurd, I vow to incorporate this action in all aspects of my life. Randomly.

Another banner day at Diddy Headquarters. No one is here and I've only got three things to do and then it's FRIIIIIDAY.


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