05.02.08 :: 4:00 pm

i peeked at the scale today at the doctor's office.

yeah, no, bad idea. BAD.

I know I'm growing a human inside me right now, and that's a complex, carb-fueled enterprise - I'm not totally out of my mind - but the fact is that I'm up about FORTY POUNDS since moving to LA in GENERAL.

I've never felt so gargantuan.
FORTY FUCKING POUNDS. that's, what? A small child?
I will give myself the fact that it's mostly all tit, belly, and ass.

I still feel gross, though.

The good news: you lose about 700 calories breastfeeding alone.


I kid, of course.
I'm going to continue eating normally and then, when it's time to wean the Tater off the boob, it's back to the gym with a viciousness and a fury.

I've got my really adorable pre-pregnancy clothes to motivate me.

In non body image-related news, yesterday Ryan bought the new Mariokart racing game for the Wii and we spent a couple of hours in complete bliss over it.
So much fun.
Highly recommend.
Kids of all ages.

Man. Tater is going to have so much fun with us two.

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