05.05.08 :: 9:10 am

lounged around palm springs house all weekend, working on a slight tan and relaxation.

except for the part where i totally ate it and skinned my knee up good and proper, it was a really great weekend away from LA.

Yeah, I totally tripped over myself while walking, of all things. I am so fucking clumsy and ridiculous, they should just keep me in a bubble for these last 10 weeks of gestation.

Strangely, I landed on my side, totally avoiding injury to my stomach and Tater. I say strangely, because I thought for sure I was landing face first but then my body became all cat-like and twisted the other way at the last second.

Nothing a rinse under the garden hose couldn't take care of.

I swam a lot, too. Which felt so good on my aching back. If I could somehow spend about ten hours a day floating around weightless in a pool, I would do it instantly.

It's ten after nine on a Monday morning, and I'm the only one here.
So much for the theory that I'm the one who doesn't put enough time in. Bitches.

Oh, and it's another Mandatory Fun Day here at Bigwig. Being Cinco de Mayo and all, we're forced to listen to a mariachi band at lunch and socialize and dance awkwardly without booze with our coworkers. In the middle of the the daytime. In the company parking lot.

I could get more depressed about this but I plan on avoiding all the fake joy after loading my plate with chimichangas and scurrying back to my desk.


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