05.14.04 :: 10:27 am

Though part of me feels terrible about it, I'm slowly phasing out The Good Lay.

Hey, it was fun while it was fun, but he had to start acting all boyfriendy...

You know? It dawned on me that the way I feel right now is exactly how Mr. M felt and that is the reason he phased me out.

I suddenly understand him and sympathize completely. Of course, it doesn't make me feel good that I was just his "The Good Lay" ... but at least I have clarity on the ridiculous issue and I can move on.

I'm half-heartedly hoping my Cemetery Date will call me this weekend, but if not, I've got plenty of shit to keep me busy.

Namely, I'm going to go all out after work today and chop my bangs off and then I will decorate Em's toilet lid on Saturday and a couple of people have requested magnets ...

so I've got stuff to do...

In work-related idiocy, I finally confronted my boss about her micromanaging, but of course she didn't see it my way because she's an uneducated, unprofessional whore, but at least she knows now to leave me mostly alone and to not worry what I'm up to so much because I've got it under control and I know what I'm doing more than she ever will.

Next month, I'm asking for another raise.

And then, after the raise goes into effect, I will quit most wondrously.

I can dream.

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