05.17.04 :: 9:56 am

In an unexpected turn of good fortune, the Cemetery Date called me around 6PM yesterday and we met up for drinks.

Drinks turned to pizza, turned to terrible horror movie at his place, turned to hot sweaty makeouts on his couch turned to sleepover sex fiesta.

And you know what? I liked it. Go me.

I've never fucked a PhD before.

And if this one is any indication, they're all sexually deviant in bed. In a good way.

Anyhow. I like this cat. He's got a good head on his shoulders and he makes me laugh and we both hate people.

So we'll see where this one leads.

I spent the early afternoon yesterday on my deck, making the "luau toilet lid" which consisted of green spray paint and about 40 kajillion fake flowers. So many fake flowers, in fact, that the lid doesn't stay up. But damn if it isn't the prettiest fucking thing I've ever created.

Pictures forthcoming. I'm operating on less than 3 hours of sleep.

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