03.11.05 :: 3:16 pm

last night he told me he's gotten three girls pregnant in his life.

and it made me so fucking hot and horny for him that i question my sanity.
i mean, there he was telling me about the strangeness of having created life (albeit very short ones) inside another person and I'm sitting there thinking, "my fucking hot and goddamned virile man..."

I kept my trap shut about it though and nodded sensitively, and empathetically...

later on, after mamoth servings of takeout, I unbuttoned my pants (gotta let the whale out, folks!), made a joke about being a minute away from birthing my food baby, and he turned to me and said, "you know... the thought of you pregnant is really fucking hot."

Birds of a goddamned feather.

Lord help us all.

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