03.11.05 :: 9:29 am

look, i know you cook gneral tso's chicken with orange rinds in the mix, but could you not include them in my dish because that's the kind of surprise nobody likes.

other than that, Hunan Garden, you an' me are likethis.

CSI wasn't so bad either, considering I guessed it was the brother like ten minutes into it.

I'm feeling creatively inclined today. I think after work I will fire up the photoshop and get crackin on either a new design, or some cover art for mixes, or god who knows what else.

my brain's firing on all cylinders.

probably because Ry gave it to me good last night and whatever was blocking me has been freed.

I found out yesterday that my new best friend at work (our creative director) was the man in charge of the idea for the Target ads with the little white dog.

I have such a gay crush on him, you don't even know.

He's the type of guy I can see hanging out with and getting plowed and talking trash and art.

I'm so inviting him to my wedding.


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