02.23.06 :: 9:18 am

this morning, while walking behind a girl of about eleven and her dad, i heard a really loud belch.

the girl, who had no idea i was walking behind her, said to her dad "Dang! Pardon me!"

And he turned around and laughed, which made me laugh and then she saw me laughing and gave me this really big grin like she was embarrassed but really in awe of the sound she produced.

They got in a cab and I crossed the street and I really want a daughter.

Yet another battle with insomnia last night but I did manage to squeeze in a dream about an enormous typewriter.

I'm going clothes shopping this weekend.
Because the new payment plan Ryan has me on is leaving me with hundreds of dollars in surplus, and what better way to reward myself for getting out of debt than paying cash for a darling frock or three?


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