05.09.07 :: 2:28 pm

what i need is for the "laid back cool" to take a back seat for once and kick it into "new york minute"-type action with regards to folks giving me the greenlight on the job front.

you say you're desperate to fill the job?

act like it!

telling me "oh, i'm sorry, it was cinco de mayo, you know how it is," ...
no, I really don't.
we do things differently in nyc.

burning fuel with panic.

people here wear flip flops EVERYWHERE.
never in my life, so many feet. It's incredible.
not to get all Devil Wears Prada/What Not to Wear so soon, but ugh! put some shoes on! dress yourself! you're in public! I'm eating!

Weather: continues to amaze.
Skin: continues to improve.
Personal belongings: due to arrive tomorrow.

Thank God. I miss my Mac.

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