05.08.07 :: 9:16 am

and now, we wait.
aced both interviews; even got free loot from the first one i guess as an incentive or a bribe or whatever.

my heart's kinda set on the second one, though.
because you get 5 free pairs of jeans a year as well as a "clothing allowance" which is far beyond the reaches of any previous cool factor i've ever known, workwise.

so we'll see.
i mean, come on. who ELSE are they going to hire to do this thing?

let's GO.

In other news, it's 92 degrees and blazingly sunny. It is also May.

I think Ry and I are headed to the beach with the Stoosh-dog, in proper California fashion.

We may also swing by a couple of cool neighborhoods to scope out the housing situation as well.

And to answer Swan's question... I have no idea who the Head Bitch in Charge of New York is now. But she's got some pretty big shoes to fill.

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