05.03.02 :: 9:44 am

That was the best damn cheesecake I've ever eaten. I really wanted to just smash it in my face, close my eyes and sink into the stickiness, but I stuffed myself full of steak so it wasn't happening.

Stoosh-dog enjoyed the giant bone left overs and nearly took My Boy's arm off when he tried to pry it away from her so we could get some sleep. The gnawing was too loud.

Today, I bask in the glory that is called "My Boss Has Been Sick for Two Days Straight," and get as little done as humanly possible. Bloody Marys for lunch, perhaps?

Later this evening, I hopefully will get my drink on at the raven and then go watch the boy and my friends rock the hell out of a former gay bar.

It's the weekend, party people.

I'm thinking of starting a new project. Think: record and clothing label. My Boy says I need hardly any money at all.

That's my kind of plan.

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