03.07.02 :: 11:35 am

Things I can't wait for:

my new body
sunshine that feels warm
the weekend.

Because it is payday, I am in a good mood.

Everything's working, everything's moving along.

Last night we ran for what seemed to be a really long time. When we got home, I got extremely painful charley horses in both my feet. My toes were curling so crazily that it crippled me for about half an hour, and, yes, I cried.

OK? I cried. Happy now?

Today I'm eating lunch outside. When it's unusually nice out, I get teleported to summertime all over again.

This summer, My Boy and I rock the Greek isles. For the first time together.

My friends and cousins will undoubtedly get us drunk and show us a the best time ever.

I hope my stupid toenail grows back in properly before then.

Waitressing perils. Feh.

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