03.06.02 :: 2:15 pm

Ozzy Osbourne should have been my father.

I love him and his new show.

Ozzy says to his daughter (who's annoyed that he's not listening to her):
"You stand in front of 38,000 decibals for twenty minutes, see how your hearing is. Write me a note."


People who can't do the Seinfeld-ian "Helllooooooo" properly shouldn't do it at all. It sounds weird.


I hate the straight boys my age who work here. They think they're so slick, trying to pick up on various administrative misses. All leaning on the edge of the cube, all sleazy laugh and pleated pants, and "I work out at Crunch." Throwbacks and giveaways, the whole lot. Who would touch them even with thirty feet of pool skimmers?

Slow secretaries.


Today, it is turning out to be a good day. I'm full of input, I'm generating output. I'm on cruise control and things are getting done.

There must be one small good financial thing looming in the horizon.


I'll run my ass off tonight. I promise.

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