07.23.03 :: 2:53 pm

Meeting with my girls for gallons of tequila after work and we so deserve it. It's been such a week and it's only Wednesday.

Talked to my ex on the phone, and he's doing fine, if not a little depressed about the state of his life, which - while I am sympathetic - I can't say I didn't see coming 70 sextillion miles away.

Of course you're depressed, sweetheart. You have no real job, you're almost 30 and have been in the same band for 10 years (which is still, if I am correct, not famous), and you dissolved a relationship with your longterm girlfriend who was one of the only people who's ever stood by you, ever.

OF COURSE you are depressed!

I told him to buck up, though. Because he's on tour right now, which is like a vacation. So imagine how depressed he's going to be when he comes home to his 2roommates, 4 cats, a crippled dog, and the car bench he sleeps on.

Do I need to even mention that I win? I didn't think so.

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