07.24.03 :: 10:10 am

Our very own Whorenun, Miss Trixi Turner, got engaged last night.

And I looked up to the heaven's and gave "god" or whatever the thumb's up and said "We cool?" because I did my good deed for this lifetime: I introduced the happy couple.

And then it dawned on me that I was present for the recapping of Laurie's first date with her hubby-to-be.

One more and it's a trifecta. I'm good luck to other people's love life, and disastrous to my own.

"Why is that?" I asked Trixi yesterday.
"Irony?" was her reply.

I agree.

Simon came over last night but the Period Fairy firmly wedged herself between us in the bed. Such is life, as they say.

Also, this boy talks in his sleep. Adorable.

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