07.19.09 :: 1:50 pm

summer drops on us here in brooklyn like a sack of anvils.

and. it. is. awesome.

Tater and I spend the days running through sprinklers and sharing fozen yogurts. It will take the entire 5 weeks in Greece to even out this farmer tan I'm rocking.

I bought a new tube of lipgloss from the drugstore today and sometimes, that is all the confidence boost you need.
Well, that and the fact that my inner thighs don't rub together when I walk finally.

It is always the inside that transforms for the better first.
My blood pressure? Spot fucking on perfect. 110/70.

In terms of health, I've exceeded where I was during my pre-wedding fitness craze.

In terms of looks, well, whatever. I am older and wiser and I've gone through childbirth.
I give myself permission to give myself a break.

And by "break," you know I mean "bloody mary."

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