07.16.09 :: 6:06 pm

on the master list of terrible days, this one ranks probably in the top 3.

i probably should have taken the baby CPR class because it would have come in handy today.
Mr. Taters choked on a piece of watermelon that I had no idea he was storing in his mouth from earlier in the day and when I laid him down for a diaper change it lodged in his throat.

Fucking commence to freak the fuck out, yeah.

So I did what anyone would do: I thwacked the everloving shit out of his back. Once. Hard. It dislodged the chunk and sent it somewhere across the room.

And then I realized what had just gone down and cried for about an hour.

I don't even want to find the chunk because then I would come face to face with the thing that almost potentially killed my son.

Also today, I admit that the Stoosh-dog is getting to the point where her life is not as enjoyable or even pleasant anymore and she's losing control of her pee all over and it's really sad and I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow to discuss how the last day of her life will go down.

So really light and fluffy stuff today.

I'm so drained.

I'm going to give the little one a bath, hug him fiercely some more and then drink a bottle of vodka to numb out completely for the night.

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