12.29.01 :: 11:17 pm

We finished "Silent Hill 2" this afternoon while waiting for the very very VERY late cable guys to hook up the digital, and it was very disappointing. After logging in a total of 9+ hours on that thing as a team, the ending really bit the big one.

Suffice it to say, My Boy is onto a whole other diversion on PS2 now.

Listen to me. I sound like I'm shilling for PlayStation now. No, they're no paying me. But they should.

Worked a 45-person party tonight.

At one point, the chef says, "You're the only white person in this joint tonight." And I looked around and I guess I was. But I was too fucking busy helping Smitty make drinks to notice.


I do wish people would go visit Gretl because I did her page up all nightlife-style and whatnot. And also because she's fun and cool.

Now it's time for me to actually do my nails. Because the piece of art that is my ring has to have a proper pedestal if you catch my drift.

My socks smell. That'll learn me not to wear clean ones before waitressing. And yes, you all needed to know.


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