01.01.02 :: 10:20 pm

Happy New Year, toot toot!

Work work work but then martini fun with Sweettits and My Boy and we passed out, futon-city-style basking in the warm glow of a Tenacious D marathon.

Friday we're on a flight to Florida and I'm about thirteen million kinds of nervous about flying, dreams of psychopaths with bombs built into their Reeboks or whatnot.

Any fucking how. Blind Date is on and these two are all "shmoopie" and baby sounds already which leads me to believe that they were either payed or they already knew each other. And if this guy serenades her one more time, I'm going to heave. And I've already got a weak stomach from being hung over all frickin day long.

Looking forward to a 2-day workweek.

Desperately need a shower but won't get to it now. Shipmates is on, kids. And nothing closes out a great New Year's mini-vaycay like three days of sexual misunderstanding on the high seas.

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