08.03.02 :: 6:11 pm

I somehow ended up at Lit Friday night after happy hour, and apparently danced in bare feet, evidenced upon looking down at precicely 3:50 AM on the train ride home and seeing a sooty mess from the ankles of my jeans all the way onto the tootsies.

Eternally the happy hour crew can convince me to do anything after a couple of whiskeys.

For the record, I didn't shower, instead opted to go to the beach today and thus am in such dire need for a real scrubbing, the dog won't even go near me. And she smells like stale Fritos. Constantly.

Today is Saturday. And I settle for partying at home seeing as rent is very due.

This entry is dedicated to Motley Crue, as I think I came close to matching their decadence and debaucherous ways and am startled back into submission for a week. At least.

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