08.04.02 :: 8:33 pm

Met up with Carla and Erin at the beach today and had a grand time fattening up on Nathan's dogs and fries and later on, after a proper sunscorching, beers at Ruby's Bar & Grill on the boardwalk.

Fun was had by all.

I snapped a picture of the two of them experiencing the Cyclone for the first time.

I'm greasy, salty, burny, tired, but satisfied.

Two bowls of spaghetti later, I'm ready for a shower and to torture myself with some Sex & The City in fresh cotton jammies.

Which, I highly recommend, by the way, because they make all financial difficulties disappear.

I'm on cruise control for the next two weeks... this'll be so sunshiny, you'll need sunglasses to read on.


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