05.25.04 :: 10:04 am

I had a very perplexing yet ultimately positive phone conversation with the Professor yesterday after work.

Let me preface this by saying IN NO WAY was I ready or wanting to have this talk, but he started the whole thing by pointing out how asshole-y he can be at times.

And so of course I called him on his "come here, go away"-ness and he agreed that he does this and it is a part of his personality that women get really frustrated with.

I said that I understood wanting alone time because I enjoy being left to my own devices as well.

But I did mention the fact that he will say something like "I really think you and I could rock it," and then go ahead and break plans with me two days in a row.

"I just want to hang out and have fun, that's all. I'm not picking china patterns." I reminded him.

And he replied that he was aware of that and glad that we were on the same page.

Something else about me not wanting to decipher mixed messages, and that when he said "I really want a serious relationship," he should have clarified "but not with you, Sundaygirl."

And when I explained that that's what I assume when someone pulls away, he laughed. "I never, ever said that! I just want things to go slow. I just got out of a seven-year relationship. I don't know what I want yet."

I agreed. I reminded him that I was engaged and I own a wedding ensemble for the love of Christ, and that we are both just wading out in the dating ocean, unsure of everything.

He enjoys hanging out with me. That much is true. And I enjoy hanging out with him.

I've made my intentions clear to him. I would like to just shut up and have fun.

And he agreed. I really like it when they do that.

So Thursday we have a date. I hope we don't have to State of the Union-ize each other again. Not for while anway.

Assuming he sticks around. Which he won't, so ... moot point.

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