04.28.08 :: 8:44 am

heatwave kicking my and everyone's ass.
woke up on saturday and it was 100 degrees for some crazified reason.
it's still fucking hot, and so naturally, everything is on fire in southern california.

That's bad enough, what's worse is that it's Monday morning and someone's blasting Counting Crows. Never ok.

Also. The block by our apartment that's being decked out as a New York City street for a movie? Today, they're scattering fake garbage around the garbage cans. And I'm like, dudes, look around. You're in Downtown LA. There's real garbage to be had for miles.

But it reminded me of another thing I miss about New York: early summer weekday morning when I'd walk the as yet uncrowded streets with a condensation-soaked iced coffee.
Mmmmmm... sweet sweet memories.

Soon enough, yet again.

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