06.05.02 :: 3:39 pm

My Whorenuns are dropping like flies.

And then there were two left here on Diaryland.

Does this mean we'll have to work double? Hm. Sharon Taint says "fuck that!"


Looking up at the highest point of buildings in warm weather reminds me of at least two lost summers.

I know I must have a story about every single street, if I think really hard.

The ones that get me the most, though.. the ones that still look like the way they looked when my brain snapped the moment like a polaroid... those streets are the best.

In no particular order:

Clarkson and 10th
103rd and Broadway
27th and 7th
University and 9th

At least ten polaroids worth of stories. Or, conversely, ten stories worth of polaroids.

Haven't the past nine years just rocketed past?

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