06.08.10 :: 8:17 pm

Oh my friends, I think it's the end now.

It's been a very interesting ten plus years, but it's safe to say I no longer have the time nor patience to maintain this here little thing.

I'm no Dooce.
I will never get paid for updating, and then have the temerity to complain about it.

It started as a lark in '99 and went through many many many changes, incarnations and gut-spillings.

Not that there's nothing left to say, just that there's no more time to say it and no more patience to find the eloquence.

Anyway, I'm not shutting down completely.

This will still be here. Like Friendster! A thing that no one uses anymore, but it's still available to gawk at once stumbled upon.

And who knows, maybe some day I'll come back.

After all, we've been friends for so long.
And there will be lots to catch up on.

Be good.


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