06.25.09 :: 8:53 am

and then last night our upstairs douchelaser of a shitmitt neighbor got drunk and chased her friend back and forth, crashing and stomping and screaming from the fire escape at 2 AM and when Ryan went up there to carve her into little pieces and shove her in her freezer she didn't even apologize.
She said, drunkenly, "Oh yeah I was jumping."

Fuck you, clown!


And she didn't stop making noise until she presumably passed out in her own vomit.

If this continues, I'm reporting her. Because I'm also 99% certain she's smoking cigarettes and flicking them down into the backyard. And it's stinking up Oliver's room.
And I will sever her arms and feed them to her.

But in the meantime, as I suspect she's home with a glorious and well-deserved hangover, I'm going to keep ringing her doorbell intermittently ALL DAY.

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