10.26.04 :: 9:22 am

played hooky yesterday to spend a sick day with Moo and Stoosh, just lolling about in bed, watching movies and eating chicken soup.

It was very, very deserved and quite fun, despite Moo's hacking up of his lungs every half hour.

If I do not get sick myself, it will truly be a miracle.

Do you know what's pissing me off about work today?
Volunteering for the Annual Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Sale is not, um... voluntary.

It was forced upon me to work at this sale tomorrow for four hours out of the day.

Hey, I'm all for good causes, but I'd like to actually WANT to do it. And I don't appreciate the executives making decisions about my time for me. I've got work to do (believe it or not), and four hours is going to seriously put me behind.

So fuck you and your stupid sale.


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