10.29.01 :: 1:26 pm

I am currently battling a terrible head cold and/or anthrax.

Not that I've been handling suspicious packages or anything as of late, but the Stoosh-dog is a strange little bundle to begin with...

Spent last night doing cover art for My Boy's band for sme upcoming release that might not even get released, but, it looks pretty rad ina futuristic kind of way and someone, out there, somewhere, should really take a look at it and decide that I can stay home all day in my jammies and Photoshop for a living.

Speaking of, I had the most amazing dream.

i dreamed I was waitressing (even in my fucking dreams the boring part of my life interferes!) on a huge cruise ship and while I was doing something mundane, these two men come over to me and ask me if I'm me and I say yes, that's me. And one of the men happens to be Thom Yorke of Radiohead and the other guy is their creative consultant and they ask me if I want to come and work for them, doing artwork for their CDs and stuff, and helping out with their videos. Because they love my work. So, I'm really dumbstruck, and I sign papers and I'm basically set for life.

Then we ate mangos on the sunny deck, me and thom Yorke, and talked about art and plate-spinning.

I wish that was my life.

But it may be a sign.

Today, while I nurse my sickness, My Boy cooks soup and we guide each other through "Silent Hill 2," which, by the way, is one of the scariest video games I've ever played.

I made almost $62 in tips last night, so it's really good sushi tomorrow night for My Boy's real birthday.

Now. Pass me the 'Tussin.

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