10.27.01 :: 1:26 pm

Oh, man, that was fun.

Poor My Boy. A pawn in his own birthday surprise bash extravaganza. He had no idea why I was being bossy and high-maintenance, lugging him around the city until enough people were gathered at his house for the party.

And then when we were walking the final stretch to his house, he was paranoid that I was hiding something from him and finally, finally SURPRISE you big freak, you big dork! And all the cake and presents and fun and booze and dancing and oh my head and there was nudity! Nudity in the backyard! And humping! Simulated fucking on the floor with my drunk gay friend! Oh my!

And today I woke up and my throat was sore from I don't know what, the flammable punch maybe, but it was good feelings. And he loved his presents. Criterion Collection DVDs and a Playsation 2 game and this thrills me. Because we share. And he couldn't believe we went through all that trouble and ulcers.


Today I clean this house. And eat something already.

Later, Miss Ruby Foxx is hosting her Halloween Bash and I don't have a costume, but I don't think it's gonna matter, really.

More booze. More fall down drunk antics.

Salad years, my friends. They weren't over when college was.

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