05.26.02 :: 6:22 pm

The farewell party went well, but I had to leave immediately after I helped a distressed girl wash some drunk guy's puke off her backpack. I was that grossed out that I had to go home.

I made it without tossing my own cookies, but the image of a vomit-encrusted floor is with me forever.

This is a lovey way to segue into the king of parties.

So, a while ago I was supposed to help Carla do an interview with Andrew W.K over the phone while he was in Japan.

It never happened 'cause he had to get his stomach pumped.

Now, Carla's in California and the editor of the magazine asked me to do the interview.


In person.

And then me and My Boy get to see the show for free.

Um. OK, wait... what??!

I'm about to meet the man who made "partying hard" the slogan of the year. And I will ask him "How much will it cost to have you play at my wedding?"

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