05.25.02 :: 12:56 pm

there is something I'm supposed to be doing right now but I don't know what it is.

We played dj again last night and danced and drank and pogo'd and then collapsed onto the couch watching "12 Monkeys" and passed out at 1 AM. Brilliant.

I made pasta salad for the BBQ tonight.

We ate some of it yesterday afternoon, while sitting on a sheet in Libery State Park. Stoosh-dog ran and ran and got into some other people's lunches, but she was well received. And little kids like to give her bear hugs, I've noticed. Because she's their size.

I can't forget ear plugs.

And to get some money. Ouch, money.

oh, right. that's what I wanted to do. Get my bike's tire replaced. Cause the asshats next door popped it a while ago and it's been leaking air ever since. Now, it is dead. And so! are! they!

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