09.06.03 :: 7:20 pm

Finished painting the living room with minimal damage overall and it looks pretty effin hot, if I do say so myself.

We're such industrious young ladies. I like us.

For my bedroom (which I'll get to next weekend - I'm freaking pooped), I want to go with a Moroccan theme. Dark walls, lanterns, hammered tin mirrors, candles... think OPULENCE! I heard that on Trading Spaces and it stuck. OPULENCE!

I'm totally making this my little den of love, lust, opulence, and serenity now.

Summer is over, but today was gorgeous and I've never enjoyed a smoke so much as I did sitting out on my deck after admiring a lovely paint job.

I'm doing okay. I'm okay with being "alone." And I put it in quotes because with the kind of people I have surrounded myself with... you get the idea.

Speaking of said people, I think I'll be hanging with Ruby tonight. Last night, I went on a date with her roommate's friend. It was pleasantly ... pleasant.

Yeah we made out. And, for the record, he's one of the best kissers I've ever laid my mouth on. So.

Still. Let's not get all sweaty. Too early to say anything. And Mark. So.


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