09.05.03 :: 10:34 am

It's fixed. Not a single folder or file or application missing.

I am going to start backing up like a maniac. Starting today. I have learned my lesson.

Work is so fucking aggravating lately that I am about ten minutes away from marching into the big boss's office and saying, "Hey! I can't be in charge of everything you're making me be in charge of! Either pay me more or hire another body to help me!"

I miss Mark. How completely stupid. I am all guhguhguh over a not-even-a-thing.

I don't know if I'm going to be attending tonight's festivities at whatever bar Trixi's beau is playing, because my ex's band is playing too and I'm still vehemently opposed to all things regarding his asshat friends.

Ouzo and valium. That's what I need for breakfast today.

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