06.23.05 :: 11:36 am

i'm hoping the cable/internet repair guy arrives on the earlier side of "8 am - 12 pm" because looking at the forecast for saturday - "abundant sunshine, low 90's" - is making me wanna pack a tote and rally the troops to Brighton Beach.

When the sun's out, the mood lifts always.

I'm having sushi with ryan for lunch.
My stupid roommate is moving out in less than two weeks, and I won't have to come home to seventeen thousand half-empty water bottles in the fridge.
And my skin condition is improving, as is my body and my mind.

Work is kicking my ass today, but that's okay. How many people can say they get paid beaucoup cash to sit around and cut out fragrance ads from fashion magazines?

And yesterday's rant-a-palooza seems so stupid now.

I say it a lot but I mean it. Good people, good health.
My friends. My lovely, uplifting friends.
And Ryan, who's taught me the wonders and fun of cooking and eating more than well. And of course, being in a normal and fulfilling relationship.

I don't know but I know.
It's taken a little over two years, but I've finally let go of all the emotional wreckage and debris I clung to.

Now if only I can pay off my Visa bill...

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