06.22.05 :: 9:12 am

i didn't want to write about it yesterday because why ruin my anniversary, right?

but today, i dedicate this space to vent about a bomb that was dropped on me two days ago... although it really isn't as surprising as i thought.

anyway, so yeah. suspicions surrounding my ex-fiance's "indiscretions" with his best gal pal and bandmate have been confirmed.

and it was going on while we were dating and while we were engaged and i can't even begin to describe exactly HOW MANY situations and things this clarifies.

All the negativity towards me by her.
All the bad vibes and weird looks that I just couldn't understand.

All the time asking him "Why are your friends such asses to me?" and his one of two stock replies: "You're imagining things" or "Well, you can be difficult..."

yeah. well it all makes sense now.

because they were all keeping this secret for him.

and i felt it in my gut so many fuckin times that their relationship was fucking weird and just off and, well, now I know exactly why. And I am not fucking crazy.

A belated and most-deserved FUCK YOU to Jeanie and Adam, for every single time they fucked and for thinking that I would never find out.

I should unlock this diary so they can creepy-crawl their way back in, and realize that they didn't get away with it.

And that my life has improved fifty-fold ever since i booted them out of it.
I'm so glad I didn't marry him.
I'm so glad I'm not stuck with his horrible friends for the rest of my life.

may their poisonous karma ruin everything they touch and everything they care about.

and i know it will.
i hope it's soon.

they're all dead to me. and i'm dancing at the wake!

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