03.22.05 :: 3:18 pm

i've calmed down a little bit (due in part to Miss Ruby's and Miss Fiona's awesomely thoughtful gift)and i've decided not to die.

so there. going ahead and NOT dying.

and everything is OBVIOUSLY going to be okay because it HAS TO and because I deserve it and just because.

My uterus will recover because there is a kid in my future.
So that's that.
I'm not going to dwell, i'm just gonna go and get what needs to be done done and that's all there is to it and it will be OVER.

In the meantime, I have to endure an Armani launch "party" at Macy's after work and it's giving me more agita than this cancer business ever could.

I mean, MACY'S?? If ever there existed a Hell's vestibule... surely it's modeled after this tourist trap.


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