03.24.05 :: 9:39 am

my sweetheart bought one of those new mac mini's and I was feeling kind of stupid-jealous because hey who doesn't wish they had five hundred bucks to drop on fun gadgets, right? and so he was telling me how fast it records cd's and how in general it was a great bargain and all that and i was like "yeah..." and then he said "we need to get you one," and I said "when I'm out of debt," and he goes, "well, you can use mine whenever you want."

and i don't even need to say it but that's one of fortytwo trillion things i love about him

but especially the "i would still marry you even if you can't have babies"

which was a lovely surprise

i never imagined i would ever walk around needing to be pinched all the time.
he just does things to me.

i hate that i spent seventy bucks on a metrocard.

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