03.24.05 :: 4:25 pm

went to the bank, got a loan. how very grownup of me.

the cancer specialist called my gyno and they had a nice little talk about What To Do About Sundaygirl's Insides and well, yeah. Another dig and subsequent unearthing of toxic junk.

My mother called and said some doctor was touting the wonders of an herbal supplement for the kind of uterine drama I've got going on and it's so not like her to get all hippie-dippie on me. Normally she'll just light a candle and leave it in the hands of the (Absent) Almighty.

I just don't give a shit anymore.
Someone with some authority will tell me what to do and I'll listen because it would be really irresponsible to say I want to be left alone.

It's funny what living without regret will try and do.

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