06.12.04 :: 11:47 pm

The Professor served me up some more of his waffles and officially I am over it.

He calls this idiotic thing we've got going on a "relationship" and I guess it could be true, except that it's the type of relationship associated with retardation. Only.

How can you sit there with a straight face and tell me I'm attractive and you're attracted to me and we get along and all that horseshit but then say we should try to be friends "for now."

I am not getting jerked along this shenanigan train. He can go on fourteen thousand dates, I am keeping myself free and clear of him.

I told him "I am only going to be your friend. Ever."

And that motherfucker smiled and said "OK!"

So yeah. Eat your own fucking waffles, Professor.

I got better things to do.

And with that, I make a lovely segue into saying that I had a lovely fun time hanging out with the girls last night.

Ruby and I ride the same wavelength as per usual. This time it has manifested itself in fun new party shoes for us both. Bought on the same day.

Sometimes, life is really okay.

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