06.13.04 :: 5:19 pm

Sometimes, you just can't catch a break. But I have made it my thing now that instead of getting upset and Sylvia Plath about it, I just ride it out and laugh.

I called the ex-fiance to determine the whereabouts of the guitar that I let him keep for me while I was figuring out what I wanted to do with myself in my spare time and whatnot and he tells me he doesn't know where it is and that he may have given it to someone but that he doesn't remember who.

Oh, Sundaygirl. Thwarted again!

All I wanted to do was play my damned guitar.

And I suppose it is my fault that I told him to hold onto it but at the time I didn't take it with me because I wanted to minimize clutter as I moved into my new apartment.

Oh well.

Wherever it is, I hope it's in good hands.

I will save up and buy a good used guitar instead of a low-end new one.

Also, The Good Lay moved approximately four blocks away from my house yesterday. This is just begging to get awkward. Especially since I don't feel like sleeping with him anymore. But I think he gets it, so maybe we will be friends. Who knows, who cares.

I am ambivalent about everything and everyone.

Happy Puerto Rican Day, y'all.

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