07.02.08 :: 10:02 am

My disability benefits are more than I get paid at work.
How this is even remotely possible, I have no idea but I am not going to question an extra grand in my pocket.

Maybe they somehow got to know Winnie and decided to reimburse me for that exquisite trauma.

Speaking of work, I find it incredibly ODD that no one has called even once to ask me anything work-related.
I mean, I'm going to be gone for 3 months!
No one wants to know where I saved such-and-such a file or what I did with such-and-such rendering?

Why are they being so self-sufficient NOW??

Anyway. I'm going to watch a terrible movie and then go up to the roofdeck and get some sun.
It's not sweltering today, miracle of miracles.

And if one more person tells me I look "ready to pop" I'm going to pop them one across the face.

Stand clear, pregnant whale in a bathing suit coming through.

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