06.28.08 :: 4:18 pm

my mother's toiletries arrived, safe and sound.

i'm so curious to see what the hell was so important that she sent a big box instead of buying stuff when she gets here but I hear opening other people's mail is a felony and the way things are going right now - I just got a letter from a lab somewhere that claims I haven't paid them for bloodwork (total bullshit, the check cleared in February) and they're threatening to call a collection agency on my ass (I am SO PISSED) - I'm just gonna let her do the honors when she gets here.

It'll be like Christmas.
Bah Humbug.

Tater continues to Riverdance on my ribs. I'd say I'm excited about meeting those infamous feets but I'm more worried as the day of his arrival gets closer.
Mostly because I read that the smell of cauterizing flesh (hello, WHAT?) makes a lot of women vomit during their c-sections and, well, that just totally ramped up my terror alert.

I now have to go look at onesies or something online to calm me down.

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