07.11.03 :: 9:23 am

A complete exercise in futility last night if I ever saw one.

I should have known it was all ulterior motives up and down and I suppose I may have had some, too, but honest to Jebus? Tallboy was ridiculous.

He actually tried to convince me that it would be healthier if we only had sex and didn't hang out as friends either before or after.

You know when you encounter a mentally retarded person and they're trying to talk to you and you just stare because nothing is making any fucking sense?

That was me last night.

Hey, I'm all for having a fuckbuddy, but don't try to dress it up and parade around town as something else.

Needless to say, I'm in no state of mind to handle Tallboy on whatever level he's operating on.

Who cares. Frankly, all that yoga talk was driving me batshit anyway.

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