07.12.03 :: 5:03 pm

I really feel at home now.

My roommate knocked on my door and said "Come and look at something. I don't know if you'd like it."

And in the living room, she had placed a light up statue of the Virgin Mary, complete with glowing wings, lighting up in random colors.

And I was like "Wowwwwww."

So I showed her the gorgeously tacky Mexican painting of the Holy Mama that I had purchased at my favorite 99 cent store and we hung it up behind the statue.

We had a moment, people.

Bonding over tacky religious icons and art. It doesn't get better that this.


Last night, in an effort to save money, I joined Miss Rubyroo for drinks and party games at her house.

Being on an empty stomach, I of course was pretty much laminated* by the third drink. Had Ruby known what state I was really in, I doubt she would have given me money and sent me out into the street in search for pizza. But I did, stumbling in a most classy fashion.

I think the night pretty much ended for me when I, for some reason, crawled on the floor from the living room to the kitchen and just kind of lied down.


Go me.

I have spent my last dime until pay day on groceries and laundry today. I think I have about $4.77 to last me till then.

I love this city. And I do mean that.

And I love my girls. And I mean that even more.

(*my brand new euphemism for "drunk." Use it. Go forth.)

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