01.02.06 :: 9:30 am

another year, another year.
and with it brings consecutive good hair days and general glowing of the skin, though i am entirely not pregnant.

The Ryan & Sundaygirl Diet began yesterday wherein we have removed starches and various other bloat-making food items and it was so fucking hard ordering mesclun instead of home fries at brunch the other day, but it needs to be done.

On Friday I went out with my girls Ruby and Trixie T., and we had many cocktails and talked about men and listened to good music.
The one damper on my evening was the fact that I mistakenly took out a hundred bucks instead of, like, forty from the ATM and so of course I spent it (ugh) and now I have to pull the purse-strings choke-tight until payday.

Will the agony ever cease.

Anyway, New Year's Eve was a mellow, lovely affair. Lemur came over and he and Ryan played video games and we had 7 & 7's and watched a marathon of "making the band 3" (because I just can't have enough diddy in my life) and then it was midnight and Dick Clarke was all stroked out and creepy and about to die on camera

and then the fireworks started going off right over Prospect Park, like a block from our bedroom window and we rushed over and watched all the colors exploding in front of our faces

and then Stoosh-dog peed on the floor because she was was so freaked out

and you know what?
Ryan said to me today "we're getting married this year!"

and honestly I can't wait.
Here's to another year of Good People, Good Health™.

for everyone.

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