01.03.06 :: 9:23 am

Subway car like a clogged artery this morning. Welcome back, New Yorkers.

While taking a bite of my delicious greek salad last night, I bit down (hard) onto an olive pit and the shockwaves through my teeth nearly floored me.
Luckily, no damage done. Just soreness.

This makes me feel the utmost sympathy for those poor folks who’ve had their front teeth broken.

The crappy ex’s crappy girlfriend-wife-whatever is posting on the bridal messageboard that I’m on and saying some pretty retarded shit about “[her] guy’s ex girlfriends” being sexually incompetent and wondering what he was doing staying with them “for years even!”

And it shouldn’t bother me too much but it just goes to show what a liar and a creep she’s involved with since she’s getting this information from him.
Pretty much the ONLY thing we had was our chemistry.
We fucked on bathroom toilets, we fucked in hallways and other people’s apartments…

And we also fucked a month before he met her and allegedly told her all that crapola.
Which is hilarious.

In the end, again, they lose. She’s stuck with a cheat and a dirtbag. And he’s stuck knowing he’s all those things.

I put her on my ignore list, so that solves that.
Still, what a small fucking world, huh?

Onward. Good people, good health.
Thursday Ryan and I have an appointment with our reception location to go over our menu and such, and I’m pretty excited about seeing the place again. It feels really cozy even though it’s loft-ish.
The diet is going well, although I’m about ready to fall face-first into a plate of spaghetti carbonara.

And last night when I couldn’t fall asleep, Ryan stayed up with me, proving for about the one billionth time that I am luckier than lucky and that little else matters in this life.

Work sucks cock today.


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