11.09.05 :: 9:23 am

meeting with an "officiant" after work today, and I guess that's the term for the person who marries total and utter heathens, or something.

well, it can't be all bad. we're meeting up with her at a hotel bar, after all.


so my mom is jet-setting to milan with her sister over thanksgiving and color me jealous. but i have in-law and soon-to-be family obligations in L.A., which isn't so bad.
I was asked to put together a Christmas list of 15-20 items and honestly, I don't even have a list of 5 things I want.

They're such nice people. I'm so glad.

Of course, I'll be looking forward to Palm Springs more than anything. A little sunshine, a little booze, my honeypie and me poolside.

it's the little things.

oh, i remembered the entry in which i talked about me never running into any of my exes and it dawned on me that ryan and i live one block from his most recent ex who made his life a living hellpit, and we've never run into her.

isn't that something?
like what cosmic force is keeping this awkward situation at bay?

how have we never turned a corner or an aisle at the supermarket and seen her? It's kind of awesome.

I enjoy that our exes have been shipped off indefinitely.
I should knock on wood.


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